Restorative Practice Information Night

Frankston Primary School is very excited to have partnered with Real Schools and we have been transforming and enhancing our school’s culture through a focus on what REALLY counts.  

A Parent Information Night will be held by Adam Voigt on Tuesday 30th April at 7pm.

Frankston Primary School has created a long term partnership with Adam Voigt through Real Schools to build and sustain a really strong, relational and productive culture around the school community.

  • How do schools and Parents get on the same page about the important stuff?
  • How do we build a partnership around building fantastic young people for today and tomorrow?
  • How can our Teachers AND our Parents use the same strategies to manage behaviour, encourage responsibility and improve the chances of success?
They seem like outrageously big questions, don't they? And they are... but they do have answers. Unfortunately, too often Parents and Schools are not on the same page when it comes too answering them. Frankston Primary School wants to do something about that and has commenced a partnership with Real Schools to make it happen. But FPS can't do it alone. We need you to know everything involved and to have your say. That's why we need you at this critical event in the history of Frankston Primary School and the future of your children.   


Check out this video invitation by Adam Voigt