Harmony Day

Harmony Day, which began in 1999 occurs on the 21st of March each year and celebrates Australia’s success as a diverse society united by a common set of values.

Frankston Primary School has a diverse enrolment with many students coming from various countries around the world and backgrounds other than English. Harmony Day has been an important celebration for our school community since the beginning. It is a special day that highlights the importance of respecting diversity and the values of peace and fairness are crucial to the commitment to our motto “Friends Learning Together”.

In celebration of Harmony Day, Frankston Primary School will be having a special ceremony on Tuesday the 21st of March 2019 commencing at 9:15am in the hall and a special morning tea afterwards at 10:30am in the Library.

Students are asked to bring a small offering of some international food (no nuts please) on a PAPER PLATE or NAMED plastic container. Please see overleaf for some suggestions.

Students are also encouraged to dress in their cultural clothing, the colours of their country or in orange, which is the Harmony Day colour. If students are unable to dress up they are required to wear school uniform for the day. Also, if students have an orange shirt but no orange pants, they are still required to wear school pants for the day. This is not an out of uniform day.

We invite family and friends to join us for the ceremony in celebration of Harmony Day. If you have any questions about the day please ask your child’s grade teacher.