Book Fair

We are having a Book Fair at our School Library from Monday
27th May until Friday 31st May .
The Book Fair will be open from 8.30am - 9.00am and from
3.30- 4.00pm each day (except Friday - only available before
school) for book sales.
Books vary in price and there is also a range of novelty pens
etc for purchase through Ashton Scholastic.
The proceeds from our Book Fair allow us to purchase more
new books for our Library!
Please note to ensure that students/ teachers are not responsible for large amounts of cash there is a limit of $30.00 cash for each student to bring to the Book Fair without a parent or guardian present or signed written permission provided. Please ensure this is handed to your child’s teacher to be stored in a safe place in a clearly named envelope or wallet etc.
Remember you are welcome to attend the Book Fair with your children or grandchildren and credit card facilities are available.