About Us

Our philosophy is firmly based on the belief that within a stimulating and caring environment, individual needs can be met to enable all students to reach their potential and that optimum development depends on self-confidence and self-esteem, cooperation with and consideration for others and an increasing capacity for self-reliance. In providing an outstanding curriculum, we are committed to the recognition of the individual.

We believe that a positive attitude towards learning is pivotal to success, and that accommodation of diverse styles of learning and acknowledgement of prior learning must underpin all successful curriculum planning. We are therefore committed to creating positive classroom climates, in which students are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning as they progress throughout the school, and in which risk-taking is encouraged in the pursuit of personal excellence.

At all times great emphasis is placed on building relationships amongst students, between teachers and students, and with parents and caregivers of our students. 

Selecting the right school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Here are 40 reasons why our school is the right choice for your child:

  1. Small Classes: maximum benefits to the students AND the teachers - especially in the Prep - 2 area.
  2. Dedicated Staff: our teachers are recognized in the community and beyond as caring, dedicated, approachable and professional.
  3. Literacy: the Early Years Of Schooling Program at our school allows for a daily two - hour undisturbed literacy focus across the school.
  4. Reading Recovery: A trained Reading Recovery Teacher helping students achieve.
  5. Safe Environment: our routines both in and out of the classroom focus on the children's safety with specifically designed areas for both active and passive supervised recreation.
  6. Buddy Program: every Prep child entering our school is assigned an older "buddy" - a special friend who gently and gradually leads them towards appropriate socialization in the school setting.
  7. Student Welfare: all students are supported in any area of need - socially, academically and emotionally. The Principal and Assistant Principal co-ordinate all aspects of Student Welfare and family support
  8. Whole School Rules & Consequences: This begins with the students having agreed to the rules which makes for a happy environment where children feel safe and valued.
  9. Compulsary Uniform: comfortable, economical and with significant variety to please any student, the uniform includes broad brimmed hat to comply with our SunSmart Policy.
  10. Heritage Links: established in 1874, Frankston Primary School is the oldest school in the district with a wealth of history preserved in our "Old School House Museum".
  11. Library Resource Centre: We have a magnificent Library Resource Centre.
  12. Art/Craft Facility: specialist classes in Art/Craft include textiles and pottery and a range of other medium. Displays of children's work are to be seen in many areas of the school and wider community.
  13. Learning Technologies: Computers are used by all children - yes, even Preps - and classrooms and our Computer Lab are all connected to the internet.
  14. Performing Arts: We have a strong performing Arts program with weekly music lessons, participation in the Junior Rock Eisteddfod and School Aerobics
  15. Annual Concert: held at the nearby Arts Centre in which every child participates - a not to be missed event on the calendar!
  16. Music: We have Music as a specialist subject and choir participation is a voluntary extra activity.
  17. Instumental Music: we offer individual piano and guitar lessons by parental arrangement with highly qualified instructors after school hours.
  18. Multicultrual: Our school is a "mini-world" with families from many parts of the globe. This provides a rich environment for students to learn about and share the cultures and traditions of other nationalities.
  19. Before and After School Care: Run and staffed by the City Council on our premises which is a bonus for parents who require everyday or casual before or after school care.
  20. Parent Involvement: We welcome and value ALL contributions to our school activities at any level.
  21. Parents In Classrooms: teachers are always grateful for assistance in numerous roles and in every area of the curriculum.
  22. Proximity to Local Community: With Central Business District, beach, Fire Station and Community Hospital nearby, and the Arts Centre, City Library, City Council and Beauty Park adjoining, opportunities for wider learning experiences abound.
  23. Kinder - Prep Transition: Informal opportunities are offered to all parents of pre-schoolers to visit the school at any time throughout the year. Formal visits are arranged at defined times of the year.
  24. Grade 6 - Year 7 Transition: Although the large majority of our students go to Frankston High School, our Gr. 6 teachers liaise with all Yr 7 Co-coordinators at all secondary schools.
  25. Federation Of Schools: We are part of a local Federation of Schools which works co-operatively towards improving educational opportunities for students, sharing resources and knowledge within the group and beyond.
  26. Beautiful Setting: Architecturally interesting, our campus contains both the Junior and the Senior School in an attractive well laid out setting with a wonderful blend of old and new buildings, courtyards and gardens.
  27. Professional Support Staff: It is certainly an advantage to have the District Student Support Staff regularly visiting our school - Speech Therapists, Guidance Officers and Social Workers
  28. Camps for Gr. 3-6 and one major excursion each year for the Junior grades. Other informal excursions and visiting educational events are typically linked to learning outcomes.
  29. Gr 6 Graduation: A ceremony with parents and a special dinner and dance with peers and teachers, this is a highlight and appropriate celebration of primary school life - a memorable experience for the exit students.
  30. Interactive Whiteboards in all areas used to bring learning to life.
  31. Values Program: The School Council and teachers introduced a Values Program as part of the curriculum Prep - Gr 6. All teachers are trained in the “You Can Do It” Program which promotes Resilience, Getting Along, Persistence, Organization & Confidence as the “keys to success” for students.
  32. Competitions: Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of university and community based competitions in the areas of Maths, English, Science, Art etc.
  33. Drug Education: We have Drug Education as a compulsory curriculum component with units appropriate to various grade levels.
  34. Parent Programs: At various times parents can join in training programs such as "Parent Helpers in the Classroom”, "Parents as Tutors" etc.
  35. Cultural Studies Program: Celebrating the diversity within our own school and other cultures around the world.
  36. Comfortable Learning Areas: All classrooms are warmly heated and carpeted with attractive surrounding conducive to learning.
  37. Professional Development: Our dedicated staff see themselves as lifelong learners and many hours of further educational studies continue after hours.
  38.  Environmental Room: Featured in the Junior School, this resource offers opportunities to develop positive environmental attitudes and responsibility.
  39. Perceptual Motor Program: P.M.P. for Preps is an important program in which the parents are valuable assistants.
  40. Student Fitness: Physical education is a specialist subject conducted weekly in P - 6 to develop Fundamental Motor Skills.