Effective teaching is the single biggest determinant of student improvement within the immediate school environment.

Our teachers and staff at Frankston Primary School are amazing and have a direct positive impact on student achievement, student engagement and motivation for learning.

Our staff build a strong rapport with all students and create classroom environments that are welcoming and inclusive, highly collaborative, that encourage challenge and personal learning growth, and that are clearly focused on providing a safe environment for students to be their personal best.

Welcome to the amazing staff of Frankston Primary School!

Prep Team      
Jill Lynch Eliese Catterick    

 1/2 Team


Maree Goodrick

Brittney Money

Ellie Coombes

Brooke Lindsay

 3/4 Team



Linda Robertson

Rebecca Wilson

Virginia McKenzie

Caitlin Visser

5/6 Team




Mel McGeoch

Rhi Drake

Bronwyn Green

Tash Beattie

Specialist Team





Janelle Doyle

Visual Art

Leigh Stewart

Physical Education

Kate Marino

French / Performing Arts


Learning Intervention







Mel Stone




Education Support Team




Laurelle Fisher

Kelly Gosch

Michelle Wain

Lisa Wilson



Deb Spicer

Libby Seeley



Administration Team





Julia Gorfine

Business Manager

Michelle Scott

Administration Assistant

Cate Townsend

First Aid / Administration Assistant


Principal Team






Renée Kennedy


Jo Booth

Assistant Principal