Enrolment Information

Enrolling in Grades 1 – 6
Enrolments are taken throughout the year for year levels 1 – 6. We conduct personal tours of our school – please contact the school office for further information and to schedule an appointment for a school tour.

Enrolling in Prep

Prep Classroom 


Frankston Primary School has a newly revised 2021 Prep Transition and Orientation Program

This program has been designed to enable your child to transition smoothly back into their kindergarten year, enabling your child to enjoy several weeks of undisturbed kinder development before their first Transition Day with us at Frankston Primary School.

Prep Enrolment Information

Prep enrolment commences in the year prior to children starting school. Children enrolling in Victorian schools must turn 5 years old by 30th April in the year of entry and are usually enrolled in the year prior to their commencement i.e. the pre-school/kinder year.


Frankston Primary School provides the opportunity for enrolled pre-schoolers to participate in our Prep Transition and Orientation sessions beginning early Term 4. This program runs over four consecutive weeks and is a relaxed and supportive way in which our future Prep students can enjoy time in the Prep classrooms and in their soon-to-be school! The program assists children in becoming familiar with the school environment and in developing a closer relationship with their new peers and their Prep teachers.


We welcome all new Prep students whose enrolment paperwork has been completed and submitted to attend the following sessions. These program days support all of our Prep students to feel as comfortable as possible on their very first day at Frankston Primary School.


Prep Year 2021 Transition and Orientation Program


Our newly revised program runs over consecutive weeks in Term 4 and has been designed to enable your child to transition smoothly back into their kindergarten year, enabling your child to enjoy several weeks of undisturbed kinder development before their first Transition Day with us at Frankston Primary School.


NEW Term 4 Prep Transition Schedule

Frankston Primary School Virtual Tour


Meet our Prep Teachers Video Conference

  • 15 minutes for children along with their Prep parents to meet 2021 Prep classroom teachers

Download WebEX – www.webex.com


Use ID CODE: 576 761 907






Session 1:   Week 2     Tuesday 13th  October   4pm 


Session 2:  Week 3      Tuesday 20th October   4pm


Session 3:  Week 4       Tuesday 27th October  4pm


We hope that you and your pre-prep child will be able to join us for one or all of these sessions to say ‘hello’.



2021 Prep Parent Information Night



Week 5:    Wednesday 4th November 7pm


Will be at school if possible or remotely if required.


Parent - Teacher Pre-Prep Interview

  • 15 minute parent-teacher phone interview



Week 6:    Thursday 12th & Friday 13th Nov  

                                 9am – 4.30pm


Bookings will be made through our on-line parent

booking platform.



Prep Transition Day

9.15am - 10.45am


Prep Orientation Days

9.30am - 12.30pm


  • Week 7       Tuesday 17th November
  • Week 8       Tuesday 24th November



Week 8     Wednesday 25th November


These Transition and orientation sessions will be online if unable to run face-to-face – to be confirmed closer to dates.


If your child is unable to attend a Transition or Orientation session, please let our school know by contacting the office on 9786 3769. 


Parents will be notified in writing of their child’s 2021 prep grade and teacher once transition and orientation is completed.


Virtual School Tour


Have the opportunity to ‘see’ our wonderful school! We encourage you to take the time to view our virtual school tour with your child. This will enable you and your child to ‘see’ their classroom areas for next year, our playground areas and a general view of the inside and outside of Frankston Primary School.



Meet the Prep Teacher Video Conferences


These short ‘Meet the Prep Teacher Video Conference’ times will enable you and your child to ‘meet’ our Prep teachers, Mrs Wilson and Miss Lindsay for next year and will include:

  • Meeting our Prep teachers for next year
  • Engaging in short fun activities focused on starting to build your child’s relationship with the prep teachers for next year and with their peers


Parent-Teacher Pre-Prep Interview


These are 15 minute phone interviews designed for our prep teachers to:

  • Welcome and build our personalised school-home working partnerships
  • Utilise your wealth of parental knowledge you bring about your child
  • Assist our teachers in ‘knowing’ your child before they start with us – therefore assisting us to build strong positive relationships with your child right from the start of their first transition day.


Week 6 Parent Information Night


During these sessions our Prep Teachers, Assistant Principal and Principal will share general school information and information pertinent to the 2021 prep year and prep students.


We are hoping this night can be a face-to-face session at Frankston Primary School – however if required will run through a video conference using WebEX.


General School information will include:

  • Student Wellbeing within our school
  • Student attendance
  • Booklist and School Payments
  • General school information – such as canteen
  • Parent communication platforms

Prep information will include:

  • Transition Day and Orientation Day – needs for the day and what to expect
  • First Day of School 2021
  • First Week of School 2021
  • Prep Entry Testing 2021 information and online booking system
  • Parent tips and ways parents can support their new prep child in preparing for school
  • Class and teacher confirmation letter for 2021.


How to enrol your child
Whilst enrolment for Prep can be undertaken at any time, we encourage families to enrol as soon as possible to assist the school in forward planning.


Please contact our school on 9783 3769 to discuss how we can help support your child’s enrolment at Frankston Primary School