Enrolment Information

Enrolling in Grades 1 – 6
Enrolments are taken throughout the year for year levels 1 – 6. We conduct personal tours of our school – please contact the school office for further information and to schedule an appointment for a school tour.

Enrolling in Prep
Prospective families are welcome to visit our school for a tour of our facilities. Tours can be conducted either within a small group to accommodate friends wishing to tour at the same time or on a personal one-on-one basis.

Please contact the school on (03) 9783 3769 to make an appointment for a school tour.

Prep Classroom 

Prep Enrolment Information

Prep enrolment commences in the year prior to children starting school. Children enrolling in Victorian schools must turn 5 years old by 30th April in the year of entry and are usually enrolled in the year prior to their commencement i.e. the pre-school/kinder year.

Frankston Primary School provides the opportunity for enrolled pre-schoolers to participate in our Prep Transition and Orientation sessions beginning early Term 4. This program runs over four consecutive weeks and is a relaxed and supportive way in which our future Prep students can enjoy time in the Prep classrooms and in their soon-to-be school! The program assists children in becoming familiar with the school environment and in developing a closer relationship with their new peers and their Prep teachers.

We welcome all new Prep students whose enrolment paperwork has been completed and submitted to attend the following sessions. These program days support all of our Prep students to feel as comfortable as possible on their very first day at Frankston Primary School.


Prep Year Transition and Orientation Program

We welcome all 2021 enrolled Prep students to attend our Prep Year Transition and Orientation Program.

This program runs over four consecutive weeks and is a relaxed and supportive way in which our future Prep students can enjoy time in the Foundation classrooms and in their soon-to-be school!

These program days supports all of our prep students to feel as comfortable as possible on their very first day at Frankston Primary School.



Prep Transition Days for 2021 Prep Year

2:30pm – 3:20pm

Prep Orientation Day for 2021 Prep Year  

 9:30 – 12:30pm

Day 1:    Tuesday 6th October 2020

Day 2:    Tuesday 13th October 2020

Day 3:    Tuesday 20th October 2020


Tuesday 27th October 2020

Please note that our school requires completed and submitted enrolment information for your child to attend these sessions.  

If your child is unable to attend a session, please let our school know by contacting the office on 9783 3769.

Parents will be notified in writing of their child’s 2021 Prep grade and teacher once transition and orientation is completed.

You are welcome to accompany your child into their transition class but we ask that once your child is settled, you leave them to enjoy their time independently in the prep area.  Please supply a drink bottle filled with water for your child to each of these transition sessions.

Parent Information Sessions

We hold three Prep Parent Information Sessions – these are held on the three consecutive Transition Days October 6th, 13th and 20th at  2.30 – 3.15pm.


During these sessions our Foundation Teachers, Assistant Principal and Principal run through general school information and further information pertinent to the Prep year and Prep students. This includes parent tips and ways parents can support their child in preparing for school and the start of the school year.


Prep Testing
Our school will complete two main forms of testing on your child in preparation for their start at school.

  • The Foundation Year Entry Test (completed near the end of this 2020 year – parents to make bookings )
  • The English On-line Interview (completed during February of 2021 – parents to make bookings)

Foundation Year Entry Test

The Foundation Year Entry Test is completed here at Frankston Primary School on every child before entering school. This is carried out during November / early December 2020. The Foundation Year Entry Test will assess areas closely associated with your child’s readiness to learn at school such as early literacy, numeracy awareness, language and communication skills.
Bookings for your child’s Foundation Year Entry Test are made during our Parent Information Sessions on the Transition Days, where we will also explain this testing in more detail.


The English On-line Interview

During the month of February, Prep students finish school 1.30pm each day.

From 1.30pm, our teachers conduct one-on-one Prep testing on a daily basis and this time also helps forms valuable connections between your child and their teacher.  
This testing is mandated by the Education Department and looks at early literacy skills, including oral language, alphabet and sound knowledge, rhyming, sequence and comprehension. This testing time helps your child’s

classroom teacher get to know your child and assists planning for your child’s future learning.

Bookings for your child’s English On-line testing are made through the classroom teachers early in the school year.

Remember, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like to seek clarification in regards to any of our enrolment information.

How to enrol your child
Whilst enrolment for Prep can be undertaken at any time, we encourage families to enrol as soon as possible to assist the school in forward planning.
Please supply the following documents when enrolling your child:

  • Completed School Enrolment Form
  • Copy of your child's Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Copy of the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register or School Age Entry Immunisation Certificate
  • Copy of Passport with the Visa Entry details or evidence of Naturalisation or Citizenship if the child was born overseas
  • All other necessary signed Frankston Primary School parent consent forms, etc. as found in the school enrolment pack.