Camping Program

Camping Program

We have a four year structured camping program from Grade Three to Grade Six. Our camps consist of a 3 day, two night program. All camps offer our students a range of rich exciting learning experiences and challenging activities that promote independence, teamwork and positive peer relationships, as well as a high focus on building positive self-confidence and personal growth.

Our Camping Program consists of Adventure Activity Camps

Adventure Camps consist of a variety of challenging activities that all students are able to participate in at their personal level. Activities can include high and low ropes courses, team work activities, high swing, day and night walks, canoeing, archery, and a host of other types of fun engaging learning opportunities for students.

The emphasis is on fun and all students are supported and encouraged to participate to their personal best, with personal achievements being well celebrated.



Urban City Camp

A highlight for all of our 5/6 students is our biannual Urban City Camp, with a key feature including train and tram transport and seeing many iconic features of our amazing Melbourne City.